Le Kérala, berceau du Poivre

Kerala, cradle of Pepper

Kerala is a region 5 times greater than the area of ​​France, with the Malabar Coast and the Western Ghats, a region of mountains, at very high alt...

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La France et les épices dans l'Histoire

France and spices in history

Indeed, spices have been inscribed since High Antiquity. They are named, during this period "aromatic", from the Greek. Traveling the roads of the ...

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Vous avez dit Zanthoxylum ?

Did you say Zanthoxylum?

Their taste is very pronounced, marked by citrus scents and floral notes. The two most popular species are Sechuan Bay and Timut. Better known und...

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Poivre - Le saviez-vous ?

Pepper - Did you know?

Pepper, botanical name: Piper Nigrum was born in India, on the Malabar coast, in the southwest of the country, a very long time ago. It is a vine t...

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