green cardamom

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green cardamom
Elettaria Cardamomum
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 24g / 0.84oz
Origin: Guatemala

This spice is native to southern India, it was born in the region now called the Cardamom Hills, which dominate the plain of Kerala and the Malabar coast in the southwest of the country.

It is found in various countries of Southeast Asia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, etc., and also in South America, mainly in Guatemala, but in India it is considered the queen of spices and is found in many massalas.

These are small seeds growing on the aerial roots of the plant, whose manual harvest is delicate. The capsules are dried in the sun to adorn themselves with a beautiful green color. Color is important and a sign of quality.

As for white cardamom, it is not natural, it is artificially and chemically bleached, so it should be avoided.
It is the small black seeds contained in the green capsule that are used. They are powerfully aromatic, eucalyptus and camphor are dominant. It gives off a lot of freshness, with a strong lemony and minty presence that evokes the flavors of nigella.

Despite its aromatic power, one can distinguish elegant floral notes, and hints of sage and laurel.

Usage tips

Green Cardamom goes perfectly with eggplant, carrot, squash, cucumber and most vegetables. It seasons ideally with lamb and poultry such as pigeon, duck and guinea fowl. It works wonders with marinated herring and all oily fish. In the sweet register it will bring a powerful exotic note, with compotes, fruit salads, citrus sorbets, and with exotic fruits and especially pineapple.

Flavor your cooking fat, oil or butter, with the black seeds that you will then remove.

For use in baking, prepare a syrup, which you can easily dose.


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