Madagascan vanilla

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Madagascan vanilla

Vanilla Planifolia black (gourmet) unsplit
Origin: Madagascar
3 whole cloves, packaged in a glass test tube
Net weights: 10g / 0.35oz

Madagascar is the world's leading producer of vanilla (85%). Its production is concentrated in the SAVA region (Sambava, Antalaha, Vohémar, Andapa) in the northeast of the island. Unfortunately the pods from this country are not all of good quality.

We have selected for you an exceptional product with a remarkable level of vanillin. This vanilla is certainly "the standard" in olfactory matter, it is what one expects from a classic vanilla, its olfactory notes have a strong evocative power, reminiscent of the simple pastries of our grandmothers, fruity, sweet and floral with hints of liquorice and prune.

Two types of Bourbon Madagascar vanilla:

- Unsplit vanilla: the most faithful to our childhood memories, sweetened with liquorice notes.

- Split vanilla: picked later than the vanilla pod, full of sunshine, the pod is split at its end lengthwise. It then develops notes of prunes and dried fruits.

Usage tips

Madagascar vanilla goes wonderfully with both savory and sweet preparations. For your rice pudding, custard, crème brûlée, it will flavor your whipped cream, syrups and pastries.


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