Sarawak white pepper

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Sarawak White Pepper

Piper Nigrum
Origin: Malaysia
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 50g / 1.76 oz

Sarawak pepper is also known as Borneo pepper because it comes from this island, one of the largest in the country, home to a very rich flora but unfortunately subject to deforestation; the region of Sarawak where the pepper plantations are located are still preserved there.

Sarawak pepper is renowned for its aromatic and frank power.

It is an elegant pepper with a powerful, fresh and woody nose where we detect slightly leathery musky notes. On the palate, we find more floral notes and woody scents of cedar bark and sandalwood, underlined by touches of liquorice. If its spiciness is frank, the aromas gradually evolve towards more fruity notes of citrus fruits with a hint of acidity. This harmonious blend gives a pepper of great finesse.

Usage tips

It is mainly predestined to white meats such as pork or veal; poultry, white fish and shellfish. It will be particularly highlighted on eggs, fried, soft-boiled or soft-boiled. He likes cream dishes. It will be suitable in your pasta, rice, steamed vegetables, mushrooms, asparagus, green or white beans. It is remarkable on fresh goat cheese, sheep cheese or fromage blanc.

In the sweet register, it goes especially well with fruits such as orange, pear, cherry and strawberry; in salad, compote or even in syrup.

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