Red Phu-Quoc Pepper

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Red Phu-Quoc Pepper

Piper Nigrum
Origin: Vietnam
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 45g / 1.58 oz

This pepper is picked at a very advanced stage of maturity, which makes its harvest complex and requires special attention.

Harvested in southern Vietnam, Phu-Quoc Island faces the soon-to-be-famous Kampot region of Cambodia; but this Phu-Quoc pepper does not have to ''blush'' for all that. Subtle and very aromatic, this pepper seduces with its brown color with burgundy reflections. The charm continues on the palate with a beautiful roundness, empyreumatic with cocoa notes, finely punctuated by a touch of black tea and Havana cigar. Then crushed, comes a more fruity procession of ripe fruit, mango, berries, raspberry. Although it is sweeter than a black, its spiciness is spontaneous and persistent offering a nice length in the mouth.

Usage tips

Like most reds, it is predestined to red meats and fatty fish, tuna, sardines. It also likes cephalopods and crustaceans, especially langoustines. It will have its effect with poultry and white meats, especially in sweet and savory cuisine. More simply, it will accompany your pasta and dishes based on tomato sauce. It will bring relief to fresh goat cheeses. For dessert it will be in value with chocolate, red fruits and exotic fruits.


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