Bolaven red pepper

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Bolaven red pepper

Piper Nigrum
Origin: Laos
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 42g / 1.48oz

The volcanic soil of the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos, rich in minerals, combined with a rainy climate, at an altitude of 650m offers superior conditions to produce the highest quality pepper.

Our producer started with a handful of peppercorns and developed his plantation day after day with the utmost rigor. Instead of cutting precious woods in the rainforest, he chose to plant a variety of support trees that can grow with the pepper vines. The result is a pepper forest giving local birds a wonderful haven.

The pepper we offer is the result of years of meticulous care, and a selection of the best certified organic peppercorns.

Our Boloven pepper is generous with a remarkable density, rich in essential oil. It is adorned with a purple hue with ruby ​​reflections. On the nose, sweet notes of forest fruits and exotic fruits hint at a slight acidity. The bouquet is completed by empyreumatic notes of leather and cocoa. On the palate, the beginning is frank, the aromas develop quickly. Quite rich, we find a wide aromatic palette, dominated by notes of exotic and mineral fruits reminiscent of gunpowder (certainly linked to the volcanic soil of the Bolovens plateau), the spiciness is sharp but its sweetness, characteristic of red peppers, balances the whole, leaving a pleasant acidity on the tongue. It is a high quality pepper with a good length.

Usage tips

Bolaven red pepper goes particularly well with meat, red, white and poultry. Ideal with tomato or pepper sauces. It will spice up your pasta or potatoes. Its high sugar content makes it suitable for use in desserts, with cottage cheese, chocolate, red fruits and exotic fruits.

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