Tonka bean

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Tonka bean

Dipteryx Odorata
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 50g / 1.76oz
Origin: Brazil

This large tree of the teak family is native to South America.

It produces a fruit that contains highly sought-after fragrant beans, which require special treatment in order to develop all their aromas. They are mainly produced in Venezuela.

The beans contain a natural organic aromatic substance, coumarin, which evokes vanillin and which is highly sought after by perfumers.

The fragrance is sweet, spontaneously evoking vanilla and bitter almond. Then there are more subtle notes, of sweet almonds, orgeat, prune, hay and tobacco.

Usage tips

These beans are used grated, either directly on your dish, or infused in a cream or syrup for desserts.

You will associate it with fine fish such as trout, with a supreme of poultry, in a fine soup, with tomatoes and potatoes.

In the sweet register, it will be perfect with chocolate, melon, cherries, oranges, rhubarb, apricot, coconut or with honey.

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