Ground Ceylon cinnamon

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Ceylon cinnamon (ground)

Cinnamomum Verum
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 20g / 0.70oz
Origin: Sri Lanka

She is from Ceylon. It is very widespread today and it is found in many countries, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, West Indies, Guyana, Brazil...

It is the bark of a tree.

Chinese cinnamon, "Laurus Cassia" or "cinnamomum cassia" or "cinnamomum obtusifolium", also called Casse is produced by a tree of the same family, but it is less aromatic, less subtle and less elegant than Ceylon cinnamon.

Its smell is subtly perfumed, sweet with a peppery touch, it brings back memories by evoking family pastries.

Usage tips

You will use it in your meat dishes or stewed vegetables, with game, poultry, pork, duck, rabbit and with rice. It goes beautifully with turnips and carrots. It is essential on Moroccan pastilla and Portuguese pastel de nata. It is of course very comfortable in desserts, rice pudding, apple pie, French toast, creams and biscuits and improves fruit salads, compotes and jams, orange, pear, apple, quince, cherry.

For use in baking, we recommend powdered cinnamon.


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