Mang Tang pepper

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Mang Tang pepper

Litsea Cubeba
Origin: Vietnam
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 26g / 0.91 oz

This small berry with a black appearance and a lemony smell grows on the side of the Vietnamese mountains. The shrub that carries it grows up to ten meters, which can make picking a bit tedious.

Usage tips

The flavors of Mang Tang predestine it for noble fish such as sole, sea bream, John Dory, salmon or even monkfish, whether cooked or in ceviches. More generally, it works wonders on all seafood products, from shellfish to seaweed salads, its intoxicating notes of lemon and flowers bring freshness and delicacy.

But the Mang Tang is still versatile. You can use it very well with white meats such as pork and lamb or poultry.

It is also incomparable on desserts, to grind on fresh fruits, a panna cotta, a fromage blanc, a tart, well dosed on a chocolate mousse...

Mang Tang is a pepper accessible to neophytes, which is simply used, ground and then sprinkled on your plate at the last moment. We also advise you to use it in a marinade for more flavor.


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