Banasura Smoked Black Pepper

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Banasura Smoked Black Pepper

Piper Nigrum
Origin: India
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 35g / 1.23oz

Heaven on Earth is one way to describe India's Banasura Highlands, where time seems to stand still.

Famous for its natural Banasura Sagar dam, which enables the local community to grow quality food including Banasura pepper.

Due to the local climate, pepper plants have evolved into a unique species reaching a height of at least 12 meters compared to an average normal height of 3-4 m.

Harvesting usually takes place at the end of March when the berries are fully ripe and are then left for another two weeks to maximize flavor and aromas in accordance with nature.

Due to the harvesting difficulties linked to its location and the intense effort of sorting and drying, the harvest is limited to around 2 tons per year, which makes it a rare pepper. The one we offer you is even rarer; cold smoked over beech wood, for several days, by a master smoker. The cold smoking process allows the pepper to retain its characteristics which blend wonderfully with the fine smoke of the beech.

It is a very aromatic pepper, cold smoked with beech wood. It develops a woody, herbal and black tea flavor with some leather notes. Subtly smoky with a warm and spicy finish with a slight bitterness.

Usage tips

Ideal for cooking on the barbecue, grilling meats, reds, whites and roasted vegetables. For your grilled or baked fish, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, tuna, eel and salmon. More generally like a classic black pepper with an original smoky twist. It will gladly accompany a peated whisky.

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