Premium Pink Berries

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Pink Berries (Premium grade)

Schinus Therebinthifolius
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 20g / 0.70oz
Origin: Madagascar

These berries, incorrectly called "pepper", because they do not belong to the piperaceae family, are also called: false pink pepper, American pepper, Peruvian pepper, Bourbon pepper, Brazilian pepper...Etc.

This tree is native to Brazil, its close relative Schinus molle is native to Peru. The main producing countries are Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte and Guyana. It was introduced to Florida where it now grows wild. It is an elegant and decorative tree, related to lentisk and planted along the streets all around the Mediterranean.

The appearance of this spice in our kitchen is very recent, it made a strong entry with the wave of “new cuisine and it is unfortunately omnipresent in all “pepper” mixtures.

Consumed in large quantities, it is a little indigestible and very slightly toxic.

When you are lucky enough to have high quality berries, like the ones we offer, they are very aromatic, with fruity and floral notes, their flavor is sweet with aniseed, peppery and resinous touches. These berries are devoid of spiciness.

Usage tips

They do not support cooking with the exception of very gentle cooking of the papillote type and do not like the company of acids.

They are suitable for cream sauces, white meats, poultry. They bring a colorful and fruity touch to carpaccios and fish or white meat tartars.

They are perfect for seasoning salmon, trout, or shellfish. Surprise your guests by using them in the sweet register, in exotic fruit salads or quite simply with vanilla ice cream or exotic fruit sorbets.


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