Red Pili Pili Pepper

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Red Pili Pili Pepper

Capsicum frutenscens
Origin: Jamaica
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 15g / 0.52 oz

Intensity on the Scoville scale:  8 (so-called "torrid" pepper).

Other names : bird pepper, bird's tongue, nedungo.

The green or red pili-pili is one of the smallest peppers in this large family, but don't be fooled by its size, it is very powerful.

This pepper has a warm smell, reminiscent of dried tomatoes, delicious, sweet and strongly cocoa. Then the vegetal takes over with an astonishing note of green asparagus.

Usage tips

This pepper is perfect for making oils to burn your dishes and especially pizza, tartars, skewers, merguez sausages and all oriental dishes. It will give relief to your stews, soups, marinades. He breaks the fat effect in a fire pot. It flavors and enhances vegetables, pasta and rice, added to the cooking water.

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