Amazona yellow pepper

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Amazona yellow pepper

Capsicum frutenscens
Origin: Colombia
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 12g / 0.42 oz

Intensity on the Scoville scale: 8 (so-called "torrid" pepper).

What is the Amazona pepper?

Colombia owes its name to the discoverer of America, Christopher Columbus. It was also Columbus who brought the first varieties of hot peppers to Europe. The fertile Amazon basin of Colombia, one of the largest nature reserves on earth, is one of the cradles of this hot pepper family.

The Amazona, one of the rarest varieties of hot pepper owes its name to this river of the same name. This hot pepper (50 - 70,000 scovilles) convinces with a nice fruity note, a very straight spicy taste and a subtle acidity reminiscent of the famous Tabasco. The two varieties are related and belong to the Capsicum Frutescens group.

Its pale yellow color is particularly striking, as it is harvested shortly before full maturity. Thanks to delicate drying, its color is preserved, as is its fruity spiciness.

Usage tips

It goes well with all kinds of stews, in sauces or cooked in foil. It will give relief and flavor your soups, soups, nages, marinade. He breaks the fat effect in a fire pot. It flavors and seasons vegetables, pasta and rice, added to the cooking water. It goes very well with all meats, especially white meats, but also vegetables, fish and shellfish. At the end of cooking on starches: rice, pasta, potatoes, etc.

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