Red pepper fermented with salt - Kampot

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Red pepper fermented with salt - Kampot

Piper Nigrum 80%, Flower of Kampot salt 20%
Origin: Cambodia - Kampot
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 50g / 1.76oz

The Kampot IGP pepper that we offer is the result of the selection of the best harvests, then the best peppercorns, for a tasting without the slightest false note of this rare spice.

This pepper is harvested by hand when fully ripe. The bunches are then destemmed manually. These ripe grains, very red, bursting with essential oil and loaded with sugars are very fragile and require careful treatment.

The peppercorns are washed, scalded and undergo a complex process of fermentation with Kampot salt. This fermentation reinforces the sweet, warm and round flavor characteristic of red pepper.

The crunchiness of the grain and the intense explosion of pepper flavors in the mouth make Salt Fermented Pepper a unique product, which is generally unanimous. We immediately distinguish warm aromas of very ripe tomatoes and flesh of peppers. Soft and sweet notes are reminiscent of certain exotic fruits such as mango, papaya and pineapple. Behind these melted notes hides a bite, more crunchy than its green version (see green pepper fermented with Kampot salt). The spiciness is lively but never aggressive, offering the palate an empyreumatic bouquet reminiscent of cocoa.

No need for a grinder, the red pepper fermented with salt is ready to eat. Addictive from the first bean, it can be enjoyed as an aperitif, on its own or as an accompaniment to roasted peanuts. We advise you not to cook it, just possibly heat it slightly at the end of cooking or in a sauce, so that it retains its crunch.

Usage tips

To be enjoyed as an aperitif, mixed with unsalted peanuts, the effect is amazing and completely addictive!

In the kitchen, it wonderfully sublimates meats such as beef, pork or duck. It will be perfect in your terrines, pâtés and charcuterie. He likes cephalopods, octopus, squid and squid. You can sprinkle it in your salads. Sprinkle a few grains on your pasta with a simple drizzle of olive oil. It will surprise your guests in a chocolate mousse or placed on ice cream or pan-fried fruit.

Pepper fermented with salt is to be consumed without moderation!

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