Long Red Kampot Pepper

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Long Red Kampot Pepper

Piper Retrofractum
Origin: Cambodia
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 33g / 1.16oz

Chinese explorer Tchéou Ta Kouan describes Cambodia's pepper production as early as the 13th century, but intensive pepper production dates back to the start of the Aceh War in Indonesia (1873-1908).
The Sultan of Aceh, the historical name of the island of Sumatra, who did not want to leave his wealth to his Dutch enemies, burned down his pepper plantations in 1873-1874.

Part of the production then moved to Cambodia in the Kampot region.

The pugnacity of the taste of Kampot Pepper was already unanimous among French gourmets, it is the undisputed king of spices in the kitchens of the greatest French chefs.

A few years ago, in 2004, a French expatriate in love with the region, decided to bring together farmers with a few pepper trees, to relaunch production in this region. In 2009, a controlled designation of origin (IGP) was created to protect Kampot Pepper and attest to its unique character. Kampot Pepper is now recognized again as one of the best peppers in the world.

The Kampot IGP pepper that we offer is the result of the selection of the best harvests, then the best peppercorns, for a tasting without the slightest false note of this rare spice.

The nose surprises with its warm and gourmet notes, evoking gingerbread, then follows an exceptional aromatic procession, dried tomato, blond tobacco of good origin, saffron, liquorice, a floral side evoking old roses , spicy notes with a hint of clove and cinnamon, then the vegetable freshness of the flesh of a pepper. It is therefore a very rich pepper on the olfactory level, seductive, but beware behind this greedy and warm nose, hides a pepper with incisive spiciness.

Usage tips

You can use this pepper in low-temperature cooking and in stews, having taken care to break it into two pieces.

Red long pepper goes well with red meats, lamb, duck, guinea fowl, terrines, stews, tuna and fatty fish. It will bring a gourmet touch and relief to your condiments, gherkins, pickles, terrines and pâtés. It is sublime on a simple mashed potato, rice or pasta. It is amazing on a fresh goat cheese with olive oil. In the sweet register, in syrup, it will be perfectly at ease with chocolate-based desserts.


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