Sarawak black pepper

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Sarawak black pepper

Piper Nigrum
Origin: Malaysia
Volumes and net weight: 50ml / 37g / 1.30oz

Sarawak pepper is also known as Borneo pepper because it comes from this island, one of the largest in the country, home to a very rich flora but unfortunately subject to deforestation; the region of Sarawak where the pepper plantations are located are still preserved there.

Sarawak pepper is renowned for its aromatic and frank power. It is a pepper with a powerful and resinous nose, slightly minty.

On the palate, we immediately find this same resinous note followed by a procession of flavors passing from pine to flower. This pepper has a good spiciness as well as a superb length in the mouth.

Advice of use

You will marry it perfectly with red or white meats, as well as fatty fish such as sardines or tuna. It will perfectly sublimate all types of vegetables, from greens to tubers. Nice effect in a tomato sauce.

In the sweet register, dare it with red fruits. It will also go very well with chocolate, white or dark. Surprising on a rum baba.

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