Bolaven black pepper

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Bolaven black pepper

Piper nigrum
Origin: Laos
Volumes and net weight: 50ml / 40g/ 1.41oz

The volcanic soil of the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos, rich in minerals, combined with a rainy climate and an altitude of 650 meters offers superior conditions to produce the highest quality pepper.

Our producer started with a handful of peppercorns and developed his plantation day after day with the utmost rigor. Instead of cutting precious woods in the rainforest, he chose to plant a variety of support trees that can grow with the pepper vines. The result is a pepper forest giving local birds a wonderful refuge.

The pepper we offer is the result of years of meticulous care and a selection of the best certified organic and fair trade peppercorns.

This matte-skinned volcanic pepper is unusual, it takes on several shades of brown depending on the grain, from the lightest to the darkest.

On the nose, a deep, vegetal and woody scent of pine resin. Once crushed, it reveals a pleasant freshness reminiscent of eucalyptus and freshly cut grass, underlined by tangy notes reminiscent of citrus fruits, comparable to Timut pepper or Mack Khen pepper (growing not far). The whole offers a well-balanced bouquet.

On the palate, it is generous, it's a real explosion. Under the tooth, a very pleasant density releases a vegetal freshness of peppermint. The piperine gradually offers a lively but never aggressive spiciness, nuanced by a lemony flavor close to a Zanthoxylum, complemented by some notes of fresh green coffee and a hint of blond grapes on the finish.

This characterful pepper is truly unique, with a rare elegance, perfectly balanced with an exceptional length in the mouth, prolonging the pleasure that you don't want to interrupt for anything in the world.

Usage tips :

Bolavens black pepper goes well with red and white meats, ribs of beef or lamb, filet mignon, roast poultry and duck breast. He also likes character fish such as tuna, mackerel, red mullet, brill and sardines. Ideal with a pan-fried scallop. It will season your summer vegetables, tomato, pepper, zucchini, cucumber, beetroot and radish. Its freshness suits cheese such as goat cheese, feta, mozzarella or ricotta. On the sweet side, it will go with red fruits, peach, rhubarb, quince, papaya. For your compotes, jam and cottage cheese.

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