Wild Assam Pepper

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Wild Assam Pepper

Piper Longum
Origin: India
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 40g / 1.41oz

It is a rare and subtle pepper, originating from the province of Assam in northern India. This real pepper only grows wild, it is harvested manually in the Brahmaputra valley located between Bhutan and Bangladesh.

This pepper cousin of long pepper has the shape of a round blackberry.

The Wild Assam Pepper develops an earthy and humid first nose of undergrowth, with notes of mushrooms, it is the truffle of the pepper. Its aroma is slightly smoky, with citrus notes, hints of lime.

In the mouth there is immediately a nice freshness, then develops warm, tasty, slightly sweet, smoky flavors and a vegetal finish of mint with almost no spiciness.

Usage tips

You will use these berries crushed in a mortar or ground in a spice mill, with fatty fish, red meats, duck, pigeon and guinea fowl, lamb and game. It will enhance your simmered meat dishes or your terrines.


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