Havsno seaweed salt

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Havsno seaweed salt

Origin: Norway
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 40g / 1.41oz
Ingredients: Fleur de sel 80%, seaweed 20%

On the Norwegian Atlantic island of Gossa, there is a small salt factory which extracts extraordinary sea salt from the depths of the pure, cold water of the Atlantic. This salt producer affectionately calls his sweet sea salt Havsno, which can be translated as the snow of the sea. A very fitting description for the fine salt flakes that melt like snowflakes on the tongue.

In addition to the flakes of pure salt, there is also a particularly tasty variant with the addition of kelp (seaweed left by the retreat of the tides, and which is harvested along the maritime coasts in particular in Brittany), thus was born the Havsno seaweed salt.

Usage tips

The seaweed used in this salt mixture comes from the shallow, clean waters of the Atlantic in northern Norway. This type of seaweed is slightly sweet with a high protein content. Havsno seaweed salt is ideal for seasoning your salads, fish and seafood. It is also suitable for most vegetables, legumes and starchy foods. And more generally employed as a herbal salt.

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