Mack Khen Pepper

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Mack Khen Pepper

Zanthoxylum Rhetsa
Origin: Laos
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 18g / 0.63 oz

This berry, originally from Laos, is not a pepper, it is a close relative of Chinese Sechuan and Japanese Sansho.

On the nose, lively and fresh citrus notes. The dominant expression balances between mandarin juice for its refreshing side and Corsican clementine bark for its slight bitterness.

In the mouth, the sensation of numbness of the palate, typical of Zanthoxylum, is relatively mild. The powerful aroma of clementine invades the palate with herbaceous notes of smoked tea and great freshness. The length in the mouth is particularly impressive and gives the impression of drinking mandarin juice for long minutes. At the end of the mouth, a very present acidity brings the dance of flavors to a close.

Usage tips

Avoid cooking it, use it at the last moment, on your dish, finely ground.

You will naturally use it with seafood, shellfish, white-fleshed fish and with meat, lamb, guinea fowl, pigeon, quality pork or fine veal chop. You can also use it with your soups, broths, broths, with steamed vegetables, button mushrooms, endives and caramelized fennel. It will subtly enhance a fresh goat's cheese with a drizzle of olive oil.

It will surprise your guests with fruit in salads, fruit poached in Muscat, mousse, ice cream or sorbet. It particularly likes pineapple, citrus fruits and can be surprisingly associated with chocolate.

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