Aware of today's ecological issues , we believe that everyone has their share of responsibility .
Thus, we are implementing a number of actions aimed at reducing our environmental impact , on our scale.

Our products benefit from these labels:

Pepper and spice labels Cofrapep

Favor a natural, reasoned and reasonable agriculture.

Most of our peppers and spices are certified organic by recognized organizations such as Ecocert and some of which benefit from additional labels such as IGP or AOP.

The other products that we import which would not have the BIO label, come from natural agriculture, without chemical inputs , and which concern small family plantations.

Each of our producers have been selected for their commitment , respecting their work and the environment.

Stay connected to the Earth.

Our commitment does not stop there...

We believe that to understand nature, it is necessary to be in direct contact with it. Thus, we have acquired land in Sri Lanka where we grow pepper, cardamom, cloves, and the famous Ceylon cinnamon, in permaculture in the middle of fruit trees such as mango, avocado, coconut tree and banana tree; all in symbiosis with a luxuriant fauna and flora.

This magnificent natural laboratory allows us to be connected to nature but also to exchange with planters from elsewhere, enriching our respective knowledge with respect for everyone.

Cofrapep plantation sri lanka

To recycle

We have chosen solid, durable packaging that cannot be thrown away. Our pepper boxes are metal cases (tinplate food) designed not only for better preservation of your peppers but also to be reused.

However, if you do not wish to keep them, we invite you to bring them back to us so that we can entrust them to a recycling company.

Carbon offsetting.

We have chosen a solution that opts for the purchase of carbon offsets. Admittedly, this option is not viable on its own in the long term, however it is part of an ecological thinking and is part of a broader strategy aimed at reducing direct emissions as much as possible and offsetting all remaining emissions.


As far as possible, we deliver our goods using non-polluting or low-polluting vehicles: on foot, by bicycle or in electric vehicles; but this is not always possible, as we ship worldwide.

In this case, we calculate the distance that our parcels travel and the carbon footprint resulting from their shipments; then we reinvest the amount of their compensation in reforestation and forest protection projects.

If you wish to know more and discover the chosen nature restoration projects, we encourage you to visit the Pachama website, our partner in this action.