At the Compagnie Française des Poivres et des Epices, you won't have any bad surprises. Our guarantee of quality and traceability is made possible thanks to the control of the entire chain of production , supply and packaging .

The production

We know exactly where our peppers come from. We are both a sourcer and a planter , which means that we collect our peppers from the plantations when they do not come directly from our own. We know and weave solid human ties with the producers who work with us and share a certain demand for quality.

On site, picking is done manually when the grains have reached the appropriate maturity. Peppercorns can sometimes be washed with plenty of water but do not undergo any chemical treatment or manipulation that could alter their quality and organoleptic properties.

The drying is natural , in the sun. Then comes the sorting stage, also manual. We remove any impurities such as small pebbles or twigs, before selecting only the most beautiful grains. The hollow or broken berries are discarded (these are intended for the wholesale market).


The result gives a category of premium peppers that do not undergo prolonged storage. They are vacuum-packed and immediately sent to our laboratory in Paris. Nor are they "cut" with other sources or with previous harvests as some do to increase their economic yield.

We respect the natural cycles of production, far from industrial quantities, there is only one harvest per year which can range, depending on the size of the plantations, from ten to a hundred kilos only. The pepper plant is a living plant, which does not give the same fruits from one year to another, like our grape varieties, which is why we insist on the notion of vintage .

Before the last stage, the batches are subject to bacteriological analyses, phytosanitary controls and arrive on our soil with a certificate of conformity and authenticity.

The conditioning

Aware of the work carried out upstream, once they arrive with us, the batches of peppers are handled with care. It's always a moving moment to discover the result of these precious grains from so far away!

Again, everything is done by hand in our laboratory where temperature and humidity are controlled. The equipment meets food standards, our operators wear a lab coat, cap, mask and latex gloves. Hands and equipment are cleaned before each manipulation.

We carry out a final check by sorting before weighing, filling and labeling our boxes. To meet our quality requirements , we had to make our boxes to measure . These are metal cases (tinplate), with two hermetic lids with a food coating and labels without voluntary bisphenol A.

This is how our peppers and spices arrive in our stores or at your home, in optimal conditions, to guarantee you the best possible experience.