As part of a process of excellence, our vocation is to offer you a better experience of your peppers and spices. Our peppers have a remarkable olfactory and taste quality, which is why we take great care in harvesting and manually sorting each grain.

They are offered to you in cases sealed against air and light, thus preserving their optimal quality. Once dried, our peppers are potted, not undergoing any prolonged storage or mixing from other sources; so we guarantee you the most recent harvest. Yes, our peppers are vintage!

We are travelers and sourcers, which means that we get our peppers directly from the plantations, which is the best guarantee of traceability, hygiene and quality. We select our producers for the care they give to their work, respectful of the environment, the Earth and the people who cultivate it.

Our commitment goes further, to Sri Lanka, where we rehabilitate varieties of pepper that have almost disappeared, in our own permaculture plantations alongside Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom, avocado trees and aromatic herbs of all kinds.