From the meeting of a lover of the table and a specialist in spices, traveling the planet for two decades, from plantation to plantation, in search of precious grains, a company was born whose vocation is to offer you what is the best in the world of peppers and spices.

La Compagnie Française des Poivres et des Epices, a historical nod to the French genius which, like pepper, shaped the menus, the history and the cuisine whose know-how radiates throughout the world as a synonym of excellence and avant-garde.

Our first boutique was born in Paris, in the heart of the legendary Place de Furstemberg. Our boutiques are intended to be timeless, halfway between period herbalism and haute couture perfumery. In this warm space, we travel and escape; transported by perfumes from around the world, guided by the pleasure of the senses and the sharing of nature's treasures.