Anise - Star anise

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Anise - Star anise (whole)

Illicium Verum
Net volumes and weights: 100ml / 30g / 1.05oz

Star anise, also called "star anise", is the fruit of a tree native to southwestern China and Vietnam. It is cultivated today in its countries of origin, but also in Japan.

The fruit is harvested manually before maturity and then dried in the sun for several days.

It is an eight-pointed star with a powerful scent of anise and liquorice. It is used in the composition of many spice blends and in particular in the "five Chinese spices" as well as in the composition of pastis.

Usage tips

You will use it with pork and duck and also with seafood, it will flavor your simmered dishes with an aniseed touch. It is perfectly at home in desserts: creams, mousses, it likes figs and chocolate. It is essential in an exotic fruit salad.


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