Combava leaf

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Combava leaf

Citrus Hystrix
Net volumes and weights: 100ml / 7g / 0.25oz
Origin: Madagascar

Combava is a citrus fruit native to the Sunda archipelago in the Moluccan Sea. It is the name of the tree and its fruit. It was introduced to the Indian Ocean, in Mauritius, by Pierre Poivre at the end of the 18th century.

The product we offer you is nothing but the leaves of this fruit tree. Why use the leaves when you can use the zests you will say to me, well it's simply because the zests can sometimes bring bitterness or too strong an aromatic power.

The leaves have a lighter taste, finer in the mouth and are completely devoid of bitterness.

Usage tips

We advise you to use it in a marinade or infusion for it to express itself fully.

It will go perfectly with all your seafood. Cook it with monkfish en papillote, on a fillet of salmon in the oven or even a ceviche of crustaceans and shellfish...
It will surprise on white meats such as pork or veal but also poultry, inside a roast chicken for example.

The kaffir lime leaf can be used as a dessert, as a ganache or in your fresh fruit salads.

Make yourself a delicious lemon infusion!

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