Indian sun flake

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Indian sun flake
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 30g / 1.06oz
Origin: India

Table salt, humidity approx. 0.4%

This salt comes from North-East India, where the waters are very pure.

Its extraction is delicate and is done manually, using wooden spoons, to recover the thin film formed on the surface of the water. It's fleur de sel.

The influence of the wind and the ambient humidity will modify the structure of the crystals on drying, to give it its particular form of flakes.

Its crunch is exceptional, and its taste particularly subtle. Its salinity is particularly low and the sweetness of this salt is surprising.

Usage tips

It will subtly season your most delicate dishes, noble fish, shellfish, exceptional poultry; but it will be exceptional in the sweet register, in your chocolate desserts, apple pies, tarts tatin and in all your caramels.


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