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Myristica fragrans
Net volumes and weights: 100ml / 12g / 0.42oz
Origin: Madagascar

The nutmeg tree is native to the Moluccas archipelago on the island of Banda. It was then introduced to Celebes, Java and Sumatra, Malaysia on the island of Penang, Bengal, the West Indies and Brazil as well as Mauritius and Reunion where Pierre Poivre established it.

The nut is at the heart of a fruit that looks like an apricot, the envelope of the nut, yellow or red in color is called Macis.

Mace therefore comes from the same fruit as nutmeg and is used in the same way. Pass it through a spice grinder or mortar before use.

Usage tips

It is less aromatic but more subtle, dare to pair it with foie gras, enhance your endives in a gratin or confit and in the sweet register, opt to flavor your fruit in salads, tarts or compotes and especially bananas, melon and pear.

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