Tandoori mix

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Tandoori mix

Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 34g / 1.19oz

Usage tips

This typical blend of North India, both fragrant and spicy, is as powerful as it is subtle. It takes its name from the tandoor, this closed wood-fired oven, traditional in northern India in the Punjabi region and in Afghanistan. Each family has its own recipe, but the basic components are always chilli, garlic, ginger, coriander and cumin, all roasted then cold ground. This mixture will be used for cooking the famous tandoori chicken, which must be left to macerate with the spices then cooked slowly, simmered with natural yogurt, cream or even coconut milk which reduces the spiciness of the chilli. This recipe can be declined with vegetables, potatoes, prawns, prawns, meat skewers and grilled meats. It will spice up your sauces and marinades.

Ingredients and allergens

Paprika , coriander , cumin , chilli , ginger, black pepper , fenugreek , cinnamon , celery , bay leaf, mace , garlic and cloves .

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