Ancho pepper

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Ancho pepper

Capsicum annuum
Origin: Mexico
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 40g / 1.41 oz

Intensity on the Scoville scale: 3 (so-called "spicy" pepper).

The Ancho Pepper is slightly spicy, halfway between paprika and Espelette pepper. This very fragrant pepper is distinguished by its empyreumatic notes of chocolate, roasted coffee, good quality blond tobacco; in the mouth, it develops gourmet notes of slightly liquoriceed chocolate reminiscent of dried fruits such as prunes and raisins.

Fresh, these large peppers that can measure 15 cm long and up to 8 cm wide are poblano, or chile poblano, very popular in Mexico, especially in the region of the same name (Puebla) where they are grown. When dried, it is called ancho pepper (broad pepper) because it loses its length but often stays quite wide.

Usage tips

the Ancho pepper can be used everywhere, and as it is not very spicy, it can be consumed by everyone, young and old.

It is used a lot to make stuffed peppers.

It will flavor and subtly enhance your sauces, marinades, stews. It will give flavor and character to your soups, soups and stews.

It goes very well with all meats, especially white meats, but also vegetables, fish and shellfish. At the end of cooking on starches: rice, pasta, potatoes, etc.

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