Guajillo Pepper

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Guajillo Pepper

Capsicum annuum 
Origin: Mexico
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 28g / 0.98 oz

Intensity on the Scoville scale: 6 so-called ''hot'' peppers (approx. 10,000 US)

Also known as Marisol, this variety of pepper native to the state of Zacatecas in Mexico is one of the most popular and used in Mexican cuisine. This large pepper, which can reach 15 cm in width, takes on a dark red color when fully ripe. It is also grown in the USA, Peru and Chile.

Its spiciness is light and reveals aromas of wild berries, and more woody and herbaceous notes evoking the essence of pine, eucalyptus and green tea.

Usage tips

It is a very versatile pepper that you can use almost anywhere. For seasoning or while cooking your dishes. It is perfect with red or white meats, especially poultry. Ideal for spicing up your sauces, flavoring your oils, marinades and vinaigrettes, but also spicing up pasta, fried rice, soups, mushrooms and scrambled eggs.

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