Habanero Scorpion Pepper from Trinidad

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Habanero Scorpion Pepper from Trinidad

Origin: Mexico
Variety: capsicum chinense
Scoville scale: 10 (so-called "explosive" pepper). USC approx. 700,000
Other names: Butch T, scorpion Butch T

The Habanero Scorpion Pepper from Trinidad Butch T was long considered the hottest pepper in the world before being dethroned in 2013 by the Carolina Reaper pepper. It even appears in the Guinness Book of Records.

This Habanero Scorpion pepper is so called not only for its spiciness but also because of its shape, the pointed end of which evokes the sting of a scorpion. Butch T refers to its creator; yes, this pepper is the result of hybridization.

If you're brave enough to face its sharp spiciness, you'll enjoy some pretty unique flavors. The fruity attack is reminiscent of some immature forest fruits and a slight acidity corrected by floral notes. As the aromas develop, a slight astringency is felt on the finish.

Usage tips :

Of course, it is to be consumed in very small quantities, use the tip of a knife and take all your precautions not to get it on your fingers (use gloves if possible). This pepper is perfect for setting fire to your dishes.

Use it on your tartars, skewers, grilled meats, merguez and all oriental dishes. It will give relief to your stews, soups and especially your marinades. Added to the cooking water, it breaks the fat effect in a pot au feu. It flavors and enhances all types of vegetables, pasta, rice and legumes.

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