Cumeo pepper

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Cumeo pepper

Zanthoxylum Lauraceae
Origin: Nepal
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 35g / 1.23 oz

Nepal, also called the roof of the world, is, along with Tibet, the highest country in the world. In the landlocked country of South Asia, located between India and China, there are 8 of the mountains whose altitude exceeds 8,000 meters. In a very remote region, at the foot of the Himalayas, grows one of the rarest spices in the world, Cumeo pepper.

Shrubs up to 5 meters high grow wild and are exploited by a peasant cooperative. After harvesting, the harvested berries are dried in special dryers. Botanists do not agree on the assignment of Cumeo to the laurel family or to the rhododendron family.

Cumeo Berry combines unique aromas of citrus, lime, lemon balm with a delicate fragrance and subtly spicy bitter notes.

Usage tips

This extremely rare spice is especially intended for noble fish, monkfish, pollock, sole, sea bream, John Dory, salmon, tuna, cooked or in ceviches. It is also suitable for poultry. It will make your marinades a unique seasoning. It will also turn out sweet on your desserts, ground at the last moment on fruit or fruity entremets.

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