White Phu-Quoc Pepper

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White Phu-Quoc pepper

Origin: Vietnam
Volumes and net weight: 50ml / 48g / 1.69oz

This very unique pepper is harvested in the south of Vietnam, on the island of Phu-Quoc, renowned for the excellence of its nuoc-mâm. Vietnam is the largest pepper producer in the world, which does not always rhyme with quality; however, some plantations choose to enhance their heritage. The Phu-Quoc pepper that we offer is of rare quality, the fruit of a passionate family, native to the island for several generations and involved in a process of transmitting unique traditional know-how.

This white pepper with slightly animal and iodized notes is very generous.

Usage tips

Its iodized notes predestine it for fish such as pollack, sole or even salmon. Magnificent on shellfish, it will enhance crabs, langoustines, prawns and lobsters. It will have a nice effect on white meats such as pork or lamb, as well as poultry.

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