Black Phu-Quoc Pepper

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Black Phu-Quoc pepper

Piper nigrum
Origin: Vietnam
Volumes and net weight: 50ml / 40g/ 1.41oz

This very unique pepper is harvested in the south of Vietnam, on the island of Phu-Quoc, renowned for the excellence of its nuoc-mâm. Vietnam is the largest pepper producer in the world, which does not always rhyme with quality; however, some plantations choose to enhance their heritage. The Phu-Quoc pepper that we offer is of rare quality, the fruit of a passionate family, native to the island for several generations and involved in a process of transmitting unique traditional know-how.

This generously shaped black pepper tends towards brown with reddish reflections. From the first nose, this pepper is bewitching. A warm fragrance reminiscent of red pepper indicates that particular care has been taken in picking and sorting the beans, which have been given time to ripen.

Once crushed, it releases a procession of heterogeneous flavors making it unique. The first notes are fruity reminiscent of dried tomato, woody notes delicately line the mucous membranes, enhanced by a few spicy touches of Ceylon cinnamon. The spiciness is quite mild and rises very gradually, an iodized salinity gives way to a slightly sweet sensation. The length in the mouth is medium and the very present pleasure immediately calls for a new bite.

Usage tips

It will suit red and white meats, beef, pork or even lamb. He likes fatty fish such as tuna, salmon or even mackerel.
In sweet it will go with red fruits, in salads, compotes and even jams.

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