Pondicherry White Pepper

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Pondicherry White Pepper

Piper Nigrum
Origin: India
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 50g / 1.76 oz

Pondicherry is a city at the southern tip of India, the main city of the district of the same name, landlocked in Tamil Nadu (formerly Madras). Pondicherry has a long common history with France, part of which is still French-speaking, and cultural and commercial exchanges remain numerous.

It is a very fertile region whose land is mainly agricultural. The climate is hot and humid all year round, the ideal conditions for a quality pepper. Neighbor of Kerala and the Malabar coast (the cradle of pepper), the peppers of Pondicherry are also of remarkable quality.

This white pepper, rich in essential oils, has an elegant fragrance and frank aromas. It is adorned with a cream-colored dress with light more or less dark streaks. On the nose, a musky, lively fragrance, recalling notes of dried leather, almost animal. The crunch is supple and the aromas appear gradually without excessive spiciness, leaving a certain freshness on the palate. The aromas remain both supple and sharp, accompanied by delicate touches of haymaking. A nice length in the mouth completes this subtle and elegant pepper.

Usage tips :

Pondicherry white pepper goes well with shellfish, clams and oysters, with white-fleshed fish, with white meats, poultry, pork, veal, in white cream sauces, pasta, rice , steamed vegetables, mushrooms, asparagus, green and white beans, tomatoes and lentils. It will be particularly highlighted on fried or scrambled eggs. On the sweet side, it will enhance whipped cream, fromage blanc and white chocolate.


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