Wild Pepper from Madagascar - Black Voatsiperifery

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Wild Pepper from Madagascar - Black Voatsiperifery

Piper Borbonense
Origin: Madagascar
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 45g / 1.58oz

The wild Madagascar Voatsiperifery pepper is a real pepper that grows on vines climbing on the tall trees of the tropical forest on the island of Madagascar. In the hot and humid regions of the South-East where its harvest is ensured by village communities. . They are also found on Reunion Island and Mauritius. It is often confused with the Cubeb, it is even called "local cubeb" in Mauritius. Other vernacular names are attributed to it: brown betel, wild pepper or betalle.

The harvest is always difficult and the vines are sometimes inaccessible, with an ability to grow up to twenty meters in height. Its preparation is very delicate because its water content is very high and the berries are very fragile. Ten kilograms of fresh berries are needed to obtain one kilogram of dry spices. The fruits turn red when ripe and darken when they dry, like their cousin “piper nigrum”.

This berry comes in three colors, corresponding to stages of ripening: black, white and red. Despite their exuberant aromatic profile, these berries are easy to use because they are not very spicy.

Its nose is surprising, strongly aromatic with woody, resinous and earthy notes but also notes of citrus fruits, fruits and flowers. It evokes certain aromatic herbs. Its taste is very fresh and persistent.

Usage tips

Voatsiperifery wild pepper is a real all-rounder, it is suitable for almost any type of dish.

This pepper is exceptional on foie gras. Among the vegetables it is the potato that he prefers. It is the ideal companion for white cheeses and is particularly fond of goat cheeses. It is perfect for making pâtés, preserves, gherkins and other pickles, but it is in desserts that you will surprise your guests the most, with fruit, melon, strawberries, cherries, apples and pears and especially with chocolate.


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