Sechuan pepper

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Sechuan pepper

Zanthoxylum Piperitum
Origin: China
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 18g / 0.63 oz

Improperly called Séchuan pepper with many spellings, Sichuan, Séchouan, Szet-Chuan, Sze-Chuan.

In fact, Se-Tchouan is a region in the interior of China north of Yunnan,

This elegant shrub similar to the ash tree is native to China, it produces clusters of small red fruits that are harvested in the fall and dried in the sun. The berries then take on a beautiful brown-red color with purple notes. This berry is also found with other colors, depending on the stage of ripening at the time of harvest.

They contain two small, bitter black seeds that drop when the husk splits open when ripe.

Its flavor is slightly spicy, acidic and above all very anesthetic (or rather paraesthetic). Avoid biting it. Its fragrance is aniseed, woody and very floral. There are notes of orange peel, sour cherry, mint and aromatic herbs.

Usage tips

It goes perfectly with duck, pork, poultry, foie gras and veal liver. It gives a very exotic note to citrus-based desserts, mousses, sorbets, ice creams, creams. She likes fruits in general, strawberries, melon, apricot and pineapple in particular.


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