Kalahari desert salt

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Kalahari desert salt

Origin: South Africa
Net volumes and weights: 50ml / 97g / 3.17oz
Table salt, humidity approx. 0.2%
Ideal for Peugeot salt mill

It is in the Kalahari Desert, an uninhabited area far from any human pollution, that this salt is harvested. 280 million years ago a saline lake, the Makgadikgadi, withdrew giving way to a salt desert. This salt is perhaps the oldest in the world, with some dates attributing to it 300 million years. The waters circulating through the layer of salt transport it to a natural underground reservoir, from where it is extracted and then dried in the sun.

What surprises the most is the purity of its white color. At the tasting, we are surprised by the strongly iodized side and by the absence of any aggressiveness.

Usage tips

This delicate salt will suit cooked vegetable dishes, delicate fish, fine poultry and white meats.


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