Demerara sugar

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Demerara sugar

Origin: Malawi
Volumes and net weight: 50ml / 60g/ 2.11oz

Sugars have very different sweetening powers and very variable glycemic indices; the reference sugar Glucose has a GI glycemic index, maximum of 100. Sucrose (table sugar) has a GI of 70. These two products are therefore prohibited for diabetics and are not the friends of your slimming diet. In addition, they undergo multiple treatments, to make them "refined", to make them whiter than white, but with great chemistry!

So choose the natural sugars that we offer, they are clean, they have taste and lower GI and will therefore be allies of your health. For example coconut blossom sugar is only 25 to 35 and the absolute low GI record holder is xylitol with a GI of 7.

Demerara sugar is a semi-refined sugar. This is a type of blond brown sugar coated in molasses. Its glycemic index is equivalent to that of brown sugar but it will bring more taste subtlety

Usage tips

We appreciate it for its gourmet caramelized notes of molasses evoking liquorice and gingerbread. These large crystals make it quite crispy, it will be ideal for making cakes, cookies, to flavor apple, plum, rhubarb or peach pies. It is delicious in hot drinks such as tea, coffee or for making syrups.

Be careful, molasses makes this sugar "impure" to make caramels, candies, cooked sugar or whip up a meringue.

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