Vanilla from the Comoros

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Vanilla from the Comoros

Vanilla Planifolia black (gourmet) unsplit
Origin: The Comoros
4 whole cloves, packaged in a glass test tube
Net weights: 12g / 0.42oz

Consisting of 4 islands: Mayotte and three islands independent of France forming the Union of the Comoros Vanilla from the Comoros is wide and flat, it often has a high vanillin content.

Aromatic notes: Depending on where it is produced, it has notes of undergrowth, berries (Grande Comoros), humus, and spicier (Anjouan).

Usage tips

This vanilla is often recommended for salty application, with fish, white meats (veal, pork, lamb), poultry, cream preparations. It can nevertheless go very well with chocolate or the preparation of arranged rums.


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