Tahitian vanilla

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Tahitian vanilla

Vanilla Tahitensis black (gourmet) unsplit
Origin: Tahiti
1 whole cloves, packaged in a glass test tube
Net weights: 8g / 0.28oz

French Polynesia. Its vanilla is more commonly called Tahitian vanilla. The best qualities are actually grown in the Society Archipelago to the west of French Polynesia, on the islands of Raiatea and Tahaa. Again, these islands have a volcanic character.

These exceptionally large pods, with a low vanillin content, grew on volcanic soils in French Polynesia.

These are very fleshy, very oily pods with powerful floral aromatic notes, with slightly aniseed touches of freshness and hints of prune. A very great vanilla, greedy but of an unsuspected elegance.

Usage tips

Its gourmet side naturally makes it suitable for the preparation of your pastries, custard, crème brûlée, it will flavor your whipped cream, syrups and pastries.


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