Mexican vanilla

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Mexican vanilla is the original vanilla. This vanilla will make you travel to other times. Long before Hernán Cortés' encounter with the Aztec Empire, the Totonacs produced vanilla (Planifolia species) in the coastal regions of present-day Veracruz and Papantla, which had a monopoly until the 18th century. Brought back to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors, vanilla became popular and particularly appreciated at the court of France; in 1692, a royal edict announced the monopoly of the sale of vanilla in France. Louis XIV will even go so far as to experiment with cultivation in the greenhouses of the Museum of Paris.

The Mexican Vanilla that we offer, still grown on this historic land, leaves an aromatic imprint that lives up to its history. It thrills us with its richness and complexity. We immediately distinguish a gourmet and warm scent of chocolate. Beyond its cocoa nose, more melted aromas of candied fruit and exotic fruits such as papaya emerge, enhanced by spicy hints evoking cinnamon and clove. Finally, the bouquet is always balanced by an enveloping roundness and devoid of aggressiveness.

Usage tips

Mexican vanilla is very versatile, in the kitchen, it will be suitable for both sweet and savory. Ideal for rice pudding, custard, crème brûlée, whipped cream, syrup, pastries, poached fruit or in salads. It will flavor a fumet, a butter sauce or Hollandaise sauce. She likes poultry and fish with white flesh. You can use it in a puree and in your drinks: milk (hot or cold), milkshake, mulled wine and grogs. For making ice cream. The best marriage remains with chocolate, whether for a mousse, a ganache or a chocolate drink.

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